Rental Process: Things to Know

Welcome to First In Tampa Bay Real Estate, Inc. We hope that you will find a property that meets all of your needs. For convenience, the following is a brief overview of the general guidelines used to process an application. A completed application form, in order to tell us about yourself. Each adult wishing to live in one of our properties must fill out an application and be approved. All sections of each application must be completed and accurate.

Once we receive everything listed below the application usually takes less that 72 hours to process. We encourage you to also place the deposit on the property while your application is being processed. The deposit is 100% refundable if you are not approved. Deposit must be in the form of a money order or certified check. Without a deposit the property stays on the market and could be rented to another applicant that places a deposit on the home.

To Speed up Approval of your Application , Please Provide:

  • Copy of Driver’s License or state issued ID
  • Current Proof of income
  • Photo of Pet (if applicable)


In order to verify that there is adequate income to make rental payments. In general, we expect an applicant to have been in their current place of employment for at least six (6) months, and that income is equal to two to three times the monthly rental amount. If there is no documented income a deposit equal to two months rent plus the first 6 months of rent will be required.

Rental History

In order to verify that the prospective tenant has demonstrated a desire to meet lease obligations. In general, we want to verify the amount of current rent and that rent was paid in a timely manner; that the property was kept in good condition; that there is no history of complaints; that all lease obligations have been met; and that the tenancy has been a positive experience.

Credit History

In order to verify that the prospective tenant has demonstrated fiscal responsibility. In general, we look for payments that are made on time, that there are no judgments or bankruptcy records, and that credit responsibilities are in line with income. Debt to a previous landlord and open bankruptcies will result in an automatic denial of the application.

Credit Score may affect amount of deposit

A credit score below 650 may increase the amount of deposit, require a co-signer or disqualify the applicant. We currently use the scored provided by EQUIFAX. 

Criminal History

Anything on these reports can be grounds for denial or eviction.

Valid Photo ID

This is to assure the property owner that the person applying for the property is indeed the person moving in. It also provides us authorization to verify information given on the application and to order a credit check, background check, etc.

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