Top 4 Questions

Here are the top 4 questions we get asked during the rental process

 Top 4 Questions 

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Here are the Top 4 Questions we get asked:

What about pets?

At First in Tampa Bay Real Estate, we are happy to allow pets for your clients. 100% of the non-refundable pet fee goes to the homeowner. 

Who receives the late fee?

We understand that late fees are a part of the business. 100% of any and all late fees pass directly through to the owner.  

What about services performed at my property?

When work or repairs have to be performed at the property, we are happy to manage it. First in Tampa Bay will not mark up those service invoices, and will send the actual invoice directly to you.

What is the Lease Renewal fee?

First in Tampa Bay charges a flat $150 for lease renewal. Many companies charge a 2% of gross annual rent as renewal fee. On a $1,500 monthly rental property that would be a renewal fee of $360.





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