Mary Ann Diorio (founder 1951-2015) grew up in California and came to Florida in 1987 after spending 6 years active duty and 5 years reserve duty in the US Army. Since 1993, Mary Ann has been helping tenants and owners with their rental and property management needs. She passed away in 2015 from cancer. Her husband and daughter are continuing to run her business in the way she did… Placing the client first.

Mary Ann was married to Nick Diorio for 28 years. They have grown children and 1 adorable grandson, Austin. Austin is 15 and growing! Jolene is a graduate of Everest University and a Licensed Broker. Nicky is a graduate of USF. Their god-son, Michael, is currently attending Pasco State College, after serving in the USAF for 4 years.

Mary Ann won numerous awards in the Tampa Jaycees and several Army Commendation Medals. Mary Ann served in the Armed Forces and resided in Mannheim Germany, starting out at Ford Ord, CA. After doing active duty in Germany, she served in the Reserve unit in Tampa, FL. Mary Ann received her Realtors license in 1993. She started with Florida Properties and then went to Florida Executive Realty and Bay Area Real Estate for 15 years. In 2013 she joined her husband at their real estate company, First In Tampa Bay Real Estate, Inc.

Mary Ann Diorio

Mary Ann had three beliefs that guided her in the property management business:

“If you are not 10 minutes early, you’re late”

“Promise less and deliver more.”

“Display honesty and integrity in every situation”